We work with ONLY new, smaller, boutique brands with a
minimal marketing budget.
At BOOZEBATE, we know what it takes to go from shelf to cart at a price you can afford.
100% Pay-for-Performance
It's simple. We work for you. If you don’t make you money, we don’t make money.
Gain access to US $105 billion retail alcohol market in the U.S. Grow your business with BOOZEBATE, the ONLY rebate app for the beer, wine and spirits industry catering to new, smaller boutique brands.
BOOZEBATE gives consumers incentive to purchase your products, with instant cash-back rebates. Improve your product launches, increase brand loyalty & drive repeat purchases.

A recent survey found:

  • “78% of Consumers are using their smartphones more & more to shop for wine, liquor & beer & to discover new brands.”
  • 62% ended up buying a brand they had never purchased before.
  • Most of those shoppers were going online to read reviews and recommendations.

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